When we are children we are naturally engulfed in a state of wonder. The world is uncharted territory and holds endless possibilities. Hope is our default and joy is our constant state of mind. But as we grow up, life’s experiences begin to slowly chip away at the protective shell we live in, and wonder is hard work and often rare. We try desperately to manufacture it, with illusions and unhealthy habits, but it never truly takes, because we’ve seen the way the world works-we’ve been exposed to the ugly underbelly.

I believe an artists job is to cultivate a sense of wonder. Whether a painter, writer, architect or any other creative person, we should be continually championing the return of what’s been stolen-our childlike wonder. I am a creator who is all about igniting the mysteries of imagination; where inside the wardrobes of our mind and hearts lies a captivating world of enchantment and intrigue, a place where we can, with reckless abandon, chase the wonder. I invite you to come on this journey with me, through the wild frontier of storytelling and art!

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Random things about me:

I have 7 birds: 6 parakeets and 1 cockatiel
If I could live anywhere I'd choose the southwestern USA
I have a horrible sweet tooth
My dream vacation is to cruise the Rhine River in Germany and Austria