5 x 5 MINI Painting Series

No Rules, Just Adventure!

That's my motto for this new original painting series. These new works will revive some popular themes throughout my body of work,such as bird profiles, small illustrations and more. It will also give me the chance to explore new ideas, and possibly venture into new subject matter as well!

Each painting is finished in a day most of the time, almost like a "Daily Paint Works" exercise. It's been a lot of fun so far. I got the idea during the quarantine lock down, as it seemed customers were purchasing smaller works because of the economic crunch. Additionally, it gives beginning collectors an opportunity to purchase an affordable painting to start out their collection.

Each painting is posted on Instagram and Facebook first, so be sure to follow those accounts for the latest updates. I will send an email newsletter every couple of weeks to show the newest body of small works. I also keep the ONLINE SHOP updated daily!

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