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Furniture Restoration, Refinishing and design

Knoxville, TN  (865) 206-1581


Hi, I'm Rick and I have been refinishing, designing, and building furniture for close to 50 years. My journey began when I met a master refinisher who showed me the ropes, and it sparked a creative path for me in which I've never looked back. I find immense joy in beginning with something that is ragged, worn down, and sometimes hopeless, and taking it through the beautification process of restoration. My specialty is my trademark wet-sanding, which I invented during my years as a machinist. This technique of wet-sanding danish oil for the finish, carefully but expertly locks into the wood, providing a superior look. 

I also enjoy building design-as-you go, primitive and folk furniture. I also have extensive experience refinishing antiques and family heirlooms. 


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"I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Rick over the last few weeks. He is very passionate about wood working and it shows through his meticulous craftsmanship. He has years of knowledge and as I was explaining what I wanted he was already drawing a diagram of what it would look like. His attention to detail is wonderful. I am so happy with the Vanity he custom built from top to bottom for my wife. I would highly recommend Rick for any of your furniture needs. He is an honest Christian man with great ethics and he has a wonderful skill to offer. Five star rating!"


Mitch Phillips, Knoxville, TN

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