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Woodberry College

Specialty School of Advancement

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This new collection combines my love of the mysterious personalities of animals with my unabated adoration of vintage clothing and bygone eras. Two completely different topics of course, but when fashioned together, an unusual story emerges. The series takes place at Woodberry College, a fictional university that details the quirky faculty, it's classdescriptions and activities, and strange happenings around campus. Over time you will meet the professors and instructors, the subjects they teach, and unique tidbits about them individually. Stay tuned for new from Around The Halls and more.


Specialty School of Advancement

Woodberry College is a specialty school of advancement where students can learn from the finest instructors. Through individual experience and personal accolades, our professors and instructors are masters in their fields; including but not limited to: advanced mind games, economic dominance, etiquette and elitism, expert construction and traps, deep sea fishing and more. Located in the heart of Woodberry Forest, our university houses the grandest facilities, lovely and elaborate gardens, and secret wonders of the imagination.


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