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About: Commission work is accepted on a case by case basis by the artist. Comissions are available depending on the schedule and commitments of the artist. Please be aware that the artist does not do small works for commissions. Most jobs begin at $250.00 or above. The types of commissions accepted are birds, animals in clothes (including your pet if desired) and some illustration work, depending on the request. Most commissions of animals in clothes must be at least 9 x 12 inches. More intricate patterns require at least 11 x 14 inches, sometimes larger depending on the animal and detail/pattern. 

Timeframe: The time frame alloted for commissioned work is 6 weeks, however, if your artwork is 16 x 20 or larger, additional time to complete may be necessary. The artist will give you a time quote at the booking of your commission. 

Shipping: Once your artwork is completed, your piece will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. Your shipping costs will be included in your final invoice. All artwork is shipped with insurance, no exceptions. If you are local, a pick up may be arranged at the artists discretion. The artist does not generally do deliveries unless previously discussed. 

Photos: Please provide any adequate photo(s) related to your commissioned art.  If you are having a portrait done of your pet, a photo is required for accuracy. Photos need to be head on and straight on. Please email to

Payment: Accepted forms of payment are cash, and all major credit cards. Upon receipt of payment, your commissioned piece will begin.  All commission work requires a minimum of a 50% non-refundable deposit, however the artist may require full payment up front depending on the situation and request. Your shipping charge will be added into your final payment. 

Returns: Commissions are one of a kind works, so please provide everything you think is necessary to insure success of your piece. Returns and refunds are not accepted, however, my utmost goal is that you are happy with your purchase, so let’s keep the communication open! Contact me at or through my website for all questions, concerns and requests. 

Pricing: This is a general pricing guide for moderate commission animal/pet portraits. Works with advanced patterns or difficult animals may be an additional charge. Please note this is for single animal portraits only. Paintings with multiple animals are done by quote. 

8 x 10 inches:  beginning at $250.00        (for very simple patterns only)    
9 x 12 inches:  beginning at $300.00
11 x 14 inches: beginning at $350.00        
12 x 16 inches: beginning at $450.00
14 x 18 inches: beginning at $600.00
16 x 20 inches: beginning at $750.00

Materials: All original commissioned paintings are done on wood canvas panels that are approximately 1 inch thick. Each completed piece will be wired and ready to hang at the time of delivery. Your commission does not include framing, but you may do so privately once you receive your piece. 

Next Step: Please complete the Commission Form and return to I will then send you an invoice for the deposit and begin your work once the form and deposit have been received. Thank you for your interest! 


Animal Portrait Commission Form


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